Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This Site (http://www.printpages.net – Print Pages may only be used by people who have read these Terms of Business.

If you use this site even if you have not formally notified us of your acceptance of these terms, you will still be deemed to constitute and acceptance and agreement to be bound by them in their entirety, or to the extent of the laws of the particular jurisdiction allow.

Print Pages might at any time alter these terms by posting an amended and different version on the site. Your subsequent use of the site will be deemed to signify your acceptance of the new Terms.


No liability of Print Pages for any losses

Where used the term Print Pages includes any director, shareholder, employee, agent or contractor of the company. The site allows users to access adverts placed by Print Pages and other advertisers and users.

Whether or not Print Pages has accepted a fee for displaying an advert, Print Pages disclaims any liability or responsibility for the accuracy of the information or advertisement proclaimed by the user, or for the honesty or conduct of the person or company that placed it.

Print Pages is not the agent of or acting as agent of anyone visiting or registered with the site and Print Pages is not a party to any contract that may be concluded as a result of contracts made through of information displayed on the site. Print Pages gives no warranty of any kind to any user. Print Pages specifically excludes any liability for any user’s misrepresentation, dishonesty or lack of authority to deal in, offer, or buy any of the goods or services in question. Print Pages has or makes no representation as to the existence, ownership, merchantability, availability, age, condition, location, safety, technical specifications, and fitness for purpose of any goods offered for sale on the site. Print Pages makes no representation as to and will not be responsible for any loss arising from the lack of competence, integrity, solvency or qualification of anybody or company buying or selling goods and services on the site. 

Print Pages is not responsible or liable in any way for issues relating to the accuracy of the ‘Technical Specifications’ data on the site. All users are made aware by this statement that the Technical Specifications data is purely for reference only and may be incorrect and that Print Pages is in no way liable. Users are advised to read the data carefully and delete or change anything they do not feel is appropriate or accurate before placing an advert on the site, Print Pages is not liable in any way for an user’s errors when placing an advert and failing to check the accuracy of the Technical Specifications data provided by Print Pages or the user themselves.

Every User of the site hereby agree to release Print Pages from all liabilities (including claims and losses whether actual or consequential), and to indemnify Print Pages and its directors, shareholders, employees, agents and contractors against all and any claims arising as a result of their use of the site or disputes with any other Users and third parties.

In no circumstances will Print Pages be held liable to any user of the site for any loss (actual or consequential) arising as a result of Print Pages’s site failing to; display incorrect ‘technical Specifications’ data or any other data displayed in a user’s adverts, operate or being impossible to access, nor from deciding not to post material or to withdraw free or paid adverts from the site.

In no circumstances will Print Pages be held liable to any user of the site for any mistakes in translation inaccuracy or incompleteness of information displayed in any adverts or anywhere on the site and nor be held liable for any mistakes in translation or transcription.

Print Pages might at its absolute discretion amend or refuse to display information or adverts once and before submitted to it and once displayed on the site.

Print Pages may, at its absolute discretion, discontinue access to the site by any User. In such an event Print Pages is not liable for anything in any way and the absolute maximum liability of Print Pages is to the refunding of any payment received by Print Pages for the advertisements which have been refused or removed.


User’s obligation

All users warrant to Print Pages and to other users of Print Pages that any information they provide, including details of their identity, location, assets and status and in relation to any goods or services advertised on Print Pages (including the Technical Specifications data provided as a reference by Print Pages) is complete and accurate.

All users offering goods for sale warrant that they possess unencumbered title to the goods or that they have the permission of the true owners to offer them for sale under the user’s title.

All users of Print Pages accept and understand that it is their obligation to satisfy themselves by a process of due diligence of the status and bona fides of any other contracting party, and of the advisability of entering into any negotiations or transactions. They acknowledge and accept that Print Pages will not be responsible for any loss arising from their failure to do so. 


Copyright and restrictions on use of the Print Pages site

Information and photos entered into the site is copyright and cannot be copied or reproduced without the permission of Print Pages, it may only be used for sourcing goods or services in a bona fide pursuit of the objectives and purposes of the site.

No information and photos may be used to assist or promote any individual or company or venture which could be construed as being in competition with Print Pages nor may information or photos on the site be used to solicit advertising from any user of the site or indeed the site itself.


Terms of Payment and Refunds

Adverts are free on Print Pages however paid for ‘featured ‘adverts prices may be changed any time at the total discretion of Print Pages. Payments are required at the time an advert is placed and refunds will be given at the discretion of the management of Print Pages.


Not an agent of the Print Pages market

Print Pages may offer its own goods and services for sale from time to time, however Print Pages cannot be held responsible for any loss of any kind incurred by any user as a result of buying goods or services from any of the users of Print Pages.


Choice of law

This agreement is governed by the law of England, and any action arising from this agreement or brought against Print Pages through any user's use of the site will be brought before the courts of England and Wales.

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