Used 2004 Mitsubishi 2004 D32

2004 Mitsubishi 2004 D32

578mm Cut Off | 965mmm Web Width 4 Mitsubishi Diamond 32 Print Units (Shaftless, SAPC, Double Around Plate & Blanket, Remote Inking), Mitsubishi Flying Splicer, Reel Lifter and Track, Constant Tension Infeed, BST Web guide, Baldwin Web Break System, Megtec Dual dry TNV Oven (Gas), Chill Rolle Stand, Heuch chiller and circulation GMI Closed loop Color and Registration Control, Quad Tec RGS4 colour registration, Cut Off Control, FMC silicone applicator, Mitsubishi D32 Combination Folder Planatol Gluer Plate bender and punch

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