Used 2017 Ferag 2017 MAILROOM SYSTEM

2017 Ferag 2017 MAILROOM SYSTEM

FERAG MAILROOM SYSTEM Ferag EasySert Inserter, UTR Gripper conveyer, Multistack Stacker & PKT Bundle Dispatch System Installation: April 2017 – October 2017 Operation Cessation: September 2018 Consisting of: 1. UTR Main Conveyor (UTR) 2. EasySert Inserting System 3. Compensated Stacking System 4. Navigator 5. PKT Bundle Dispatch System 6. Electrical Materials Page2 1. UTR Main Conveyor (UTR) The UTR conveyor is the basis of a mailroom, enabling to evacuate the press at its full speed (up to 90’000 copies per hour). The conveying system can be controlled via the Forwarding station. Check copies can be taken at the forwarding station or in the control room. Start-up waste, splice-, skewed and offset-copies are automatically recognized and released into a waste container at the Forwarding Station or at designated location in the conveyor line. Only correct copies are counted and conveyed to further processing systems. 1.1 Forwarding Station (AU2-MNK) The forwarding station takes the copy stream directly from the folder delivery and transfers the copies to the universal conveyor. The forwarding station mainly consists of: ? self-supporting machine frame ? double roller pressing device ? side joggers for copy alignment ? copy transfer device with pacer chain ? main drive motor for universal conveyor ? 1:1 and 2:1 product gripping mode ? integrated check copy extraction ? conveyor control ? offset frame for different formats 1.2 Conveyor Track Routing For the flexible adaptation to individual building design requirements. Highest lifetime ensured due to use of a welded steel track construction, including: ? All required long life steel tracks ? Track length compensation ? Welded construction ? Three mechanical copy counter for gross, net, overflow. The total length included for each line is as follows: Line 1 = 180m Line 2 = 155m 1.3 Conveyor Chain UTR-JV Page3 For the conveying of each individual copy to further processing systems. Highest lifetime ensured due to use of maintenance free high grade steel chain, including: ? All required high grade steel chain with strong ball-joint connection ? Enforced swivel-action gripper which adapt to required copy position ? Patented triggering mechanism for opening and closing of gripper ? Long life smear free rubber rings The total length included for each line is as follows: Line 1 = 180m Line 2 = 155m 1.4 Check Copy Extraction in Line KEE For the controlled release of check copies into a Plexiglas chute, near the press control desk, including: ? Release unit triggered by el. push button ? Vacuum belt, frequency converter driven ? Control unit ? Plexiglas chute 1.5 Release Unit to the existing Buffer For the controlled releasing of the copies to the buffer. The activation of the release unit happens by the buffers release control system, including: ? Release unit ? Interface to the existing buffer 1.6 Delivery Station AB2-C-OW-UTR For the controlled releasing of any copies left in the UTRConveyor Line. If e.g. Overflow should occur copies will be properly released on the belt conveyor section for recovery, including: ? Jam detector at exit to roller section ? Roller section for manual pick-up ? High accessibility for operation and service 2. EasySert Inserting System Page4 For the inserting of pre-prints and supplements to the main jacket at speeds of up to 30’000 cph. High dependability is achieved due to the innovative production principle and the fact, that during the entire process copies are held in the UTR Conveyor line, thus do not require to be transferred. Well proven components such as JetFeeder, FlyStream and Universal Conveyor UTR are used to ensure production Reliability and safety on key functions. The JetFeeder can be set to run in a single, split-feeding and/or back-up mode. Its special design allows processing of a wide range of different products. Due to the modern operator interface the EasySert is easy to learn and very simple to operate. 2.1 Interface Belt System to connect the Ferag Copy Pacer Stations with the existing Buffer System For the connection of the existing buffer system to the Ferag InterPacer copy pacer stations. The interface system is designed to turn around the copy stream in its orientation for further processing via the Ferag copy pacer stations into the Ferag MultiSertDrum inserter, including: ? Interface to the existing buffer system ? Bump-turn unit ? Copy stream inverter belt ? Drive and control system 2.2 Interpacer (ITP2-ESR) For the gapless transfer of pre-prints, pre-inserted copies or supplements from the Multidisc or Printroll Unwinding System or a JetFeeder into the infeed conveyor chain of the EasySert Inserting System, including: ? Drive and control system ? Oscillating side jogger ? Accurate laser copy counter ? Dynamic height controlled copy buffer ? Pick-up control for single copies ? Infeed unit with buffer ? Rotating star-wheel with 10 twin suction units ? Transfer to the infeed chain ? Connection for the multidisc tandem unwinding system Page5 ? Connection for a JetFeeder hand feeder ? Touch screen operator panel 2.3 JetFeeder The mobile JetFeeder permits manual feeding of piled up main jackets into the working process. Due to its unique design it is possible to change formats within very short time. Including: ? Product feeding tray with guides ? Fast central format adjustment ? Remaining copy amount supervision ? Double roller bar carpet to separate the products ? Rotating star-wheel with suction units ? Mobile unit 2.4 Universal Conveyor Line UTR-JV-KO Basic element with 105 m UTR-Conveyor Line for conveying the copies between the processing units. Due to the overhead fixation good access to the individual units is ensured. Including: ? Solid long life steel chain and track with UTR grippers 2.5 EasySert - inserting on the way The main product enters the EasySert each held by its own UTR gripper. When running via the opening table the product will be opened by its overlap and held open by the spiral feeder. Thereafter the product remains open supported by the pocket and support plates. The inserts, pre-collected by the FlyStream, are fed into the main product as a package allowing processing a high range of pre-prints as well as commercial inserts, leaflets or even CD’s. During the whole process the main product always remains within in the UTR gripper mainly consisting of: ? Overlap opening mechanism ? Dual powered spiral feeders ? Pocket plates to support the main product ? Support plates Page6 ? Turn around unit with opening/closing cams ? Modern touch screen control system ? Servo drives 2.6 FlyStream with six Infeed Positions Collecting conveyor with gripper closing mechanism for a secure collection of various print products on the flow. Due to the Intelligent Repair Control “IRC” the manual handling of incomplete insert packages is reduced to a minimum. Only correctly inserted copies are being transferred to the further processing units downstream. As per the modular construction of the FlyStream, the system can easily be extended by Additional feeder stations including: ? 2 Collating Module extendable in pairsbasis for 8 feeder stations ? 6 infeed looping with JetFeeder Interface ? Collating conveyor with gripper closing mechanism ? Drive and control system 2.7 JetFeeder The mobile JetFeeder permits manual feeding of piled up preprints and supplements. Suitable over full format size range with fast and simple format change. High paginated products down to single sheets and CD’s can be processed. Large pagination products can be fed in split-mode via two JetFeeders keeping full production speed,including: ? Product feeding tray with guides ? Fast central format adjustment ? Remaining copy amount supervision ? Double roller bar carpet to separate the products ? Rotating star-wheel with suction units ? Mobile unit Page7 2.8 JobFeed Streamfeeder The mobile JobFeed streamfeeder unit connects to any of the JetFeeder’s and enables the continuous manual supply of higher pagination products, including: ? JetFeeder interface ? Driven feeder chain ? Autonomous drive ? Speed control 2.9 TapeFix TPF For the application of 2 adhesive tape stripes at the leading side of the collection/set delivered by the Fly Stream unit. The length of the stripes can be adjusted to match the suitable lengths for the relevant thickness of the collection/set. The stripes will be perforated in the middle for an easy separation. Tape Fix is a potential alternative for the direct mailing application as no cover or plastic bag will be required to ensure a proper distribution of the relevant collection/set including: ? Interface to FlyStream collator ? Tape dispenser(s) ? Cutting/perforating unit ? Touch screen operating panel 2.10 Delivery Station AB2-C-OW-UTR For the controlled releasing of any copies left in the UTRConveyor Line. If e.g. Overflow should occur copies will be properly released on the belt conveyor section for recovery, including: ? Jam detector at exit to roller section ? Roller section for manual pick-up ? High accessibility for operation and service Page8 3 Compensated Stacking System For the compensated stacking of programmed bundles according to the distribution data. The data can be downloaded from the Customer’s host computer to the Navigator via the intranet. Highest bundle quality even for difficult products because of gentle copy treatment. Low running costs because of consequential avoidance of compressed air consumption. 3.1 Infeed Belt for the MultiStack ZF-MTS2-2TR For feeding of copies from the UTR conveyor to the MultiStack System, including: ? Guided gripper opening via magnetic cam ENT-MTS2 ? Copy counter prior and after MultiStacks ? Infeed belt for receiving copies from up to two gripper conveyors (positioned under one or the other conveyor) ? Side alignment unit ? Jam detector at infeed to pressing device ? Pressing device ? Central el. format adjustments via control button ? Release control unit for communication with the Navigator control system 3.2 MultiStack MTS2 For the gentle formation of compensated bundles at high speed. Simultaneous movements allow lowest possible cycle time. Movements with servomotors for smooth bundle handling (soft start/stop), including: ? All precise servo motor drive-technology ? Accurate laser copy recognition ? Adjustable air-suspended buckle stabilization ? Jogger plate for continuous aligning of batches ? Two fully independent dynamic intercept blade chains for guided lowering of batches ? Lifting table for smooth transfer of batches to stacking cell with electronic dampening function ? Revolving table with lateral stabiliser chains for bundle fixation while turning Page9 ? Lateral guide chains for gentle bundle ejection ? Optimised copy handling due to speed and pagination dependant servo motor movements ? Central el. format adjustments via control button ? Colour touch screen operator control panel ? Scratch proof acryl glass covers with safety doors coupled to CE-emergency switch-off circuit ? Interface to the Navigator control system 3.3 Top-Sheet Thermal Printer DBD-THM A4 For the reliable printing of the top-sheets at literally no maintenance efforts, including: ? Top-sheet thermal printer Printronix ? Processing of size DIN A4 labels 3.4 Top-Sheet Application System DBH2 For the in-line application of top-sheets to bundles during programmed production. The applicator is located immediately after the MultiStacks bundle exit for highest reliability, Including: ? Automatic paper application system ? Processing of size DIN A4 labels ? Interface to the Navigator control system 3.5 Bottom Wrapper KPZ-ECB-40 For applying of a covering paper under the bundles to protect them from soiling and mechanical effects prior to the strapping unit, including: ? Drive and control system ? Optical bundle recognition ? Trimming knife Page10 4. Navigator Navigator is a highly versatile production programming and visualization system. It is unique the way it is operated. The Navigator features the revolutionary Flying Frame Technology, where an operator can intuitive browse through the various menus which are all up-dated in real time. At the forefront of this development are simplicity and the convenience of the user interface. The Navigator enables centralized operation on one screen per line. Thanks to the intuitive operator guidance, production with the Navigator can be started immediately, without extensive clarifications. 4.1 Navigator The NaviSet, NaviRun, NaviQ and NaviSafe are all applications which run parallel and can be operated via the optional touch screen. The production is “Drag and Drop” operated. Routes, agents or loads can be simply selected by hand and put into production via a mouse click. Production progress is continuously updated and the production times of the Respective routes and agents are recorded. With the Online Editor, the number of copies per route, bundle parameters and many other attributes of the production data can be easily edited. NaviSet: Responsible for transferring and processing distribution data in the Navigator: ? Automatically from the distribution system via Ferag string ? Manually via Excel files or alternatively by manual entry ? where there is no distribution system present ? for external orders NaviRun: After selecting and confirming the production configuration, NaviRun monitors current events in the mailroom and provides real-time information to the operator: ? Speed display ? Visualise production progress (comparison of target / actual, and remaining quantity) If needed, other actions can also be taken, such as: ? Changing route sequences ? Bundle-specific moving of routes ? Reproducing bundles Page11 NaviQ: Real-time quality control, precise down to the single copy, in real-time or archived with the relevant reports. NaviQ offers an open interface for exporting data to Excel or CSV format: Route report ? shows the start and end times of the produced routes Bundle report ? can be monitored right through to the loading bay ? production time in the MultiStack ? topsheet applied Y/N ? identification of missing bundles, e.g: ? quality issues ? fault on downstream machine ? manually removed bundles Production report Visual display of production progress with target / actual comparison Navi-Safe: NaviSafe guarantees very high production reliability and easy data access: ? Remote access via VPN connection ? Integrated backup with redundant functionality ? Open database for external access 4.2 NAVIGATOR Server NAV-SRV-OHW The Navigator Server NAV-SRV-OHW hosts the central production database and allows the coordinated production for all connected NAVIGATORS. The NAV-SRV-OHW allows the Allocation and re-allocation of production data from one line to another. It eliminates the risk of unwanted double production and does not require any mobile data carrier to shift production data from one line to another. All production relevant data are recorded on the Navigator Server and enable the provision of combined production reports over all lines, including: ? 1x NAV-SRV-OHW software package for the central server Page12 The dedicated hardware for the central server of the NAVSRV-OHW is supplied by the purchaser in accordance with Ferag’s hardware specification). Together with NAV-SRV-OHW, the following items are supplied: ? MDS-MHW (Mailroom Data Server) – hardware and software ? IOH-MHW (Input/Output Host) – hardware and software ? DS-PDO-OHW (Production Data Office) – software ? FIW-VPN-MHW (Remote Access Firewall) – hard- and software The above hardware is required to be installed near the NAVSRV-OHW hardware in an air conditioned environment. Details: The Mailroom Data Server MDS-MHW is an operator less Microsoft Windows PC interface between the distribution system and the NAV-SRV, with the following roles: ? Receiving production data from the distribution system. An FTP server is preinstalled to handle the data transmission. ? Temporary storage and archiving of production data. ? Enhancing the working data from the distribution system with format data for topsheet production. Forwarding the prepared production data to the NAV-SRV.The I/O Host IOH-MHW is a Microsoft Windows PC, with the following functions: ? FERAG remote maintenance ? Central log server ? MDS backup PC ? Software management for the whole installation Archiving of equipment documentation PDO is a Windows software package with the following Functions: ? Reading and editing existing production data. ? Importing CSV files from Microsoft Excel and converting them to the FERAG production data format. ? Producing distribution data with topsheets. Page13 The Remote Access Firewall FIW-MHW is a remote access device (VPN 1 Edge) allowing a secure online access to the NAVIGATOR system from Ferag headquarters for the following purpose: ? Initial installation and commissioning ? Online support ? Software updates Includes the licence for the VPN 1 Edge for 2 years not included: ? Hardware for the NAV-SRV-OHW, which has to be supplied by the purchaser in accordance with Ferag’s hardware specification ? All passive network components, e.g. network connections and wiring between the NAV-SRV-OHW, MDS-MHW, IOHMHW, FIW-MHW and the three NAVIGATORS Page14 5. PKT Bundle Dispatch System The PKT Bundle Dispatch Conveying System is collecting the bundles coming from all Packaging Lines and is distributing them automatically to the assigned loading bay exit as per the information on their top-sheet. If a bundle should not have been identified, automatically it will be separated to a specially assigned exit. The PKT is communicating with the NAVIGATOR control system and is exchanging the relevant data about completed And delivered bundles. 5.1 Bundle infeed module ETM For the paced infeed of strapped bundles onto the PKT Conveyor, including: ? Drive and infeed pacer control ? Driven infeed conveyor belt section ? Hinged conveyor belt section 5.2 Bundle Dispatch System PKT For transporting the bundles from the packaging lines to the required loader sections, including: ? Plate conveyor chain and track (calculated length = 35m) ? Tailor made support frames ? Drive and control system ? Track length compensation ? 2 turnaround units (one unit fitted with a roller belt section for no-read and overflow bundles) 5.3 Laser Scanner SCA-PKT For the optical bar-code reading of bundles with a top sheet, including: ? Barcode reading head ? Interface to the despatch control system Page15 5.4 Bundle Pusher Single For the gentle pushing of the bundles to the determined loading bay exit, including: ? Support frame ? Pneumatic bundle pusher ? Roller section to the telescopic truck loading belt 5.5 Loading Bay Display Installed above the loading bay exit to display on two large LED Lines the name of the current route and the status of production. On the upper Line the current route name is mentioned and the lower line indicates effective and target amount of bundles for both standard and key-bundles separately. Once a route is completed the lower line will also show the name of the next route that is about to start,including: ? Two 20 character lines LED display 5.6 Exit for Unidentified Bundles For the extraction of unidentified bundles to a specially assigned exit, including: ? Support frame ? Pneumatic bundle pusher ? Suitable for plastic film-wrapped bundles ? Roller section 5.7 Bundle Dispatch System Control PKT2-ST For the control of the bundle dispatch system and for the communication with the NAVIGATOR. Enables to receive bundle information from the NAVIGATOR and to confirm back the dispatched bundles, including: ? PLC control Page16 6. Electrical Materials 6.1 Mailroom Fuse Cabinet SIS2-65G The circuit breaker concept provides electrical power protection for the mailroom components supplied by FERAG. The SIS mailroom fuse cabinet provides circuit breakers for the power Distribution in the mailroom to the individual system parts of the Ferag system. 6.2 Service Notebook SVC-NBK For maintaining all Ferag Mailroom System components electronically, including: ? Complete notebook, charger ? Software of most important components

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