Used 2001 Manroland POLYMAN

2001 Manroland POLYMAN

Manroland CD 13 SH Auto-Splicer with Integrated Infeed Erhardt & Leimer Web Guide 5 - Print Units PECOM 2 with Central Control Desk and 2 Folllow up Desks Quad/Tech RGS IV Auto-Register Oxy-Dry Blanket Wash Technotrans Ink Level Web Catcher Vits Sirius OTS Oven with Integrated After-Burner Manroland 4 Roll Chill Roll Stand Folder Superstructure 2 - Pair of Angle Bars Silicone Applicator Erhardt & Leimer Web Guide Manroland 2:3:3:2 Folder with A3, A4, and Double Parallel Folds Quad/Tech PPC 3000 X Cut Off Register Planatol 7-COM Gluing and Spine Softening Technotrans Refrigerated Water Circulation for the Dampening System 2B Plate Bender 2B Plate Register Punch Optical Web Break Detectors Cut Off: 630mm. Web Width: 965mm.

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