Used 2003/5 Solna D400

2003/5 Solna D400

6 - Amal Autopasters, model: AR70 (1x 2003, 1x 2004 and 4x 2005) 2 - Amal Autopasters, model: AR60 (2x 2003) All above mentioned pasters are placed in a 90 degree angle to the press, positioned on the drive side of the machine 7 - Solna D400 4 High Printing Towers (4x 2004, 3x 2005), each equipped with: Remote controlled ink fountains Motorised circumferential and lateral register Inventor spray bar dampening system Inventor blanket wash system Rexroth shaftless drive system Multi Range system without bearer contact Web infeed Solna ink levelling Aztograph ink measurement system, measuring ink consumption 2 - Solna folders, model: F400-S (2003 and 2005), each equipped with: Superstructure for (8) webs Tolerans stitching unit Quarter fold Solna machine control system, PPC (Process and Printing Control System), with (4) control consoles Solna pneumatic plate punch Solna pneumatic plate bender 4 - ink pumps 4 - ink Tanks holding containers, 11,5 ton Post press equipment consisting of – available under separate negotiation: ONE (1) Ferag pick up station (2000) ONE (1) Ferag gripper conveying line ONE (1) Ferag inserting drum, type: ETR (1998), with (3) feeders for inserts ONE (1) Wamac compensating stacker, type: TS800 (2000) ONE (1) set of conveyors Cut Off: 560mm. Web Width: 915mm.

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