Used 2007 Manroland CROMOMAN

2007 Manroland CROMOMAN

Single circumference x Single width Newspaper Web Offset Printing Press Consisting of: ONE (1) Manroland manual reel loading system, type: MANUload ONE (1) Manroland automatic web-up system, type: WEBSYS ONE (1) Manroland automatic tension control system, type: TECOSYS SIX (6) MEGTEC Pasters, model DLP 1000 for a max. reel diameter of 1.270 mm, installed as (3) tandems with (1) reel trolley for each tandem SIX (6) controlled infeed units, located at the printing towers SIX (6) manroland CROMOMAN 4-high printing towers (4/4 colour), equipped with: • 3-ring bearing system • undershot ink fountains • Turbo dampening • Minigap blankets (metal backs) • slot type plate lock-up system • remote controlled fan-out regulation system by use of bustle-wheels ONE (1) manroland folder superstructure, equipped with: • Bay-Window • (1) 70 degree former board (first level) • (1) 60 degree former board (second level) ONE (1) manroland Jaw folder, type: KFN in ratio 2:3:3 ONE (1) manroland shaft-less drive system ONE (1) manroland machine control system, type: PECOM, including: • (1) printing unit and folder unit control system • (2) press consoles with all press- and inking commands ONE (1) Baldwin dampening circulation systems Cut Off: 578mm. Web Width: 965mm.

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